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Author:  tateu [ Sun, 2005/04/03 7:12 pm ]
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I have a few software utilities that I have written and released to the public. If you have questions, comments or complaints...this is where they go.

Author:  Morc [ Tue, 2008/02/05 1:46 pm ]
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Hi Tateu,

I registered only to say THANK YOU for your work on QTSource! UR DA MAN! I struggled to convert a 3gp movie with a proper video application like VirtualDub to AVI. With your software (and AVISynth) it's like a walk in the park. Great job, and it still works with the latest QuickTime version (7.4 at the time of writing). I have to save this in a safe place. Your site was unreachable for a few days and I couldn't find a mirror. Once your site goes down for good this tool will be gone for good too.



Author:  tateu [ Wed, 2008/02/06 11:11 pm ]
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My host has been having some problems lately, they said one of their main routers went down, so every site they hosted was out for a few days. At $4 per month...what do you expect? But also, at $4 per month plus another $10 or so per year to register a domain, I'd imagine I'll have this site pretty much forever.

Anyway, QTSource is also available on the avisynth plugins site.

You might also want to try the FFMpegSource plugin instead of QTSource (available at the avisynth page listed above or you can find link a link at Doom9's forum). There are a few quicktime files that FFMpegSource can't handle, but if it does handle it...it'll be much faster than QTSource. Quicktime is about the slowest set of codecs I have ever seen and I wouldn't use it if I didn't have to.

Author:  Morc [ Sat, 2008/02/09 1:15 pm ]
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Hi Tateu,

Thanks for the tip about FFmpegSource, but the problem is that FFmpegSource binary I found does not support the AMR NB audio there is in the 3GP movie. I'll try to recompile FFmpeg to add it, then FFmpegSource but it'll take some time. Oh, and the QTSource binary at the avisynth site is the 0.0.5 version which had some problem with the 3GP movie I think, but 0.0.6 linked in another post on your forum works fine, so I think I'd needed you site to be up to find a working version of QTSource.

Thanks again,


Author:  Lineman73 [ Mon, 2009/02/16 6:19 pm ]
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I just wanted to thank you for your work with BBWeather. I have been using 0.81 on my Curve 8310 and i think this is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used.

Author:  dennis [ Tue, 2009/02/24 4:51 pm ]
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Thank you very much for all of you've done to incress the utility of blackberry.
i am greatful for that and hope this forum be the best blackberry softwear forunm quickly!

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