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TC brute force for pw recovery 
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Unread post TC brute force for pw recovery
Ok so this is my problem. I have a 50 character pw, no actual words but a series of upper/lower case characters along with special characters and numbers. The problem is I remember about 44 of the characters in the pw. I cannot however remember exactly the six in the middle. ******************************AAAAAA************** where the A is what I cannot remember. I know what characters I used/possible, just not the sequence. I tried putting in the first sequence that I remember like it says in the readme.txt but I use special characters in it and I get an error saying it needs to be proceeded with \ that actually happens twice. I remember enough to narrow this down to about 100+ but less than 500 possibilities. I just can't seem to be able to get the parts I know mixed in with what I don't for the pw pattern section, which doesn't have any pattern. Another problem I'm getting is when i try to select device the program freezes. I also get another error that my starting index is greater than the possibilities or something like that. I'm wondering, now, if somehow the data got corrupted somehow when the drive got randomly disconnected while I was transferring a file. Any thoughts. Also Im using OTFbrutus GUI

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Unread post Re: TC brute force for pw recovery
Ok, so it says you need to put a backslash in front of special characters. Did you do that?
Special characters: [](){}-:\|
   If you want any of the special characters above to be part of your password patterns, you should escape them with a preceding backslash \
      This is incorrect
      This is correct
      This is incorrect
      This is correct

The 1st part of you pattern is a string of characters that you are sure of and should look something like the following, notice the backslash in front of the special character {

The 2nd part should be inside of square brackets and contain all of the characters you think might have been used, followed by a character count of {6}

And if you want to limit duplicate values, you could use {6:1} to limit duplicates to 1 or {6:2} to limit duplicates to 2

The last part should look similar to the 1st part, notice the backslash in front of the special character ]

All together:

If you get the error that "starting index is greater than the possibilities" it means that the amount of passwords to try in your pattern is way, way, way too many for any computer on this planet to be able to crack. That error appears when the number of passwords to try is greater than 2^63, so you must have something in your password pattern entered incorrectly. Either that, or you need to severely limit the number of possible characters in the 2nd part of your pattern. The example pattern I gave above results in 7,529,536 possible passwords.

If the program freezes when you press the "select Device" button it means there is some type of hardware conflict on your machine. I have run it successfully on about 10 different machines and have never had a problem with that. Without seeing the problem here in front of me, I don't have any clue how to fix it.

Do you have a backup header, created from the drive/partition you are trying to recover? You can use the header as a file instead of selecting the device.

Sat, 2012/05/05 3:16 pm
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