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Author:  forest_fire [ Thu, 2017/08/24 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  syntax help

ok so i'm trying to brute force a password i remember most of the characters for, however there are a few things i'm not sure how to put into the password pattern input.
well, it's really 2 things; first one of the characters is either an 'e' or a '3', and i'm not really sure which. second, part of it is some combination of 6's (likely 666) and 9's (either 99 or 1999)
also i'm not sure whether i repeated the character '^' twice or three times in one part
so what exactly would be the syntax i should use for these cases?

thanks in advance

Author:  tateu [ Mon, 2017/09/04 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: syntax help

'e' or '3' would be '(e|3)'

'6' or '66' or '666' would be '[6]{1-3}'

'9' or '99' or '999' would be '[9]{1-3}'

'^' or '^^' or '^^^' would be '[^]{1-3}'

If your actual password was: Ten66Y^JF999X

the pattern could be: T(e|3)n[6]{1-3}Y[^]{1-3}JF[9]{1-3}X

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